Mrs. Twirly McDuck (twirlandswirl) wrote in archaeostudents,
Mrs. Twirly McDuck

Graduate schools

So, I got a bachelor's from Florida with a specialization in archaeology and a minor in religion.

My biggest problem in looking into graduate school is that 1) I took 4.5 years, and 2) my GPA is 2.96. Well, it SHOULD be higher. I have three Fs that shouldn't exist, but due to paperwork and medical issues, they still exist on my transcript. I'm still TRYING to get them fixed, but at this point I have to operate on the assumption my GPA is as shows and just be pleasantly surprised if it all works out.

So, I'd love to (believe it or not) specialize in religious archaeology. I have a soft spot for primatology, but I really think it's just a passing fascination, not a career choice. (Unfortunately, I didn't take any biological anthro classes until my last semester so I didn't have a chance to explore this.)

So, where can I go that will look at me with my GPA, and/or has a program in religious archaeology? I haven't taken the GRE yet, but I'm confident my scores will be good... I have a knack for standardized testing. I'm also interested in the possibility of online programs that will let me go at a slower pace so I can still work while I go to school. (I haven't decided yet if I want to go back to being a full time student, or if I want to keep working.)

Oh, and I'm looking to start Fall 2010, I think, so I have some time to do my research and study for/take GRE and such.

Any advice would be appreciated... and this will likely be cross-posted.
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