Kyrelle (kyrelle) wrote in archaeostudents,

Girl Archaeologist Video Blogs

So, this is a project I've been contemplating for awhile. Basically its just little 3-5 minute video blogs, talking about the different projects that I'm working on, that my friends and colleagues are working on, archaeology in the news, and archaeology in mainstream media. I know they need work, so constructive criticism hugely appreciated!! And if you like them, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and pass the links on! And I apologize for cross-posting... I'm trying to get the word out!

Girl Archaeologist #1

Girl Archaeologist #2
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Eilis!!!! It's me Johnamarie! lol! I saw you and I was like "Oh man! That's Eilis! That's awesome!" Totally love your idea here and I'm looking forward to more! I'm gonna head over to youtube and subscribe! Miss you and everyone back at Cornell! ^_^
Hey girl!!! So good to hear from you! Hope things are well... friend me on lj, too. :)