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research help: bats in archaeological settings

Hello fellow archys!

I have a question for you all. I'm doing a small project for a class, and my topic is the relations/impacts between bats and small-scale human societies. The class is "environmental impacts of small scale societies". I'm interested in looking at either the impact of bats on aspects of small-scale cultural practices (ie seed distribution over burned areas allows for continued burning/regrowth), OR the impact of small-scale societies on bat populations/behaviors (bats attracted to agricultural areas -> bat population increase with increase of agriculture?) As an archaeologist, I'm most interested in archaeological settings. And while I am doing my own digging on this, I'm interested to hear what others might know about the subject.
I'm less interested in the cultural view of bats and more interested in the interactions on a physical level, although it's understandably difficult to untangle those sometimes.

Do you know of areas where bats are solidly documented in an archaeological setting, as food source or otherwise?

Do you know of ethnographic situations where there is documented interaction between bats and small human groups? Bat hunting or bat "fishing" and guano collection are the obvious examples, but any interaction is of interest to me.

Thanks, I would love to hear anything you got. And feel free to contact me directly if you would like to see what I already have. :)

Cheers mates!

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